Monday, 8 August 2011

Foster the People - Torches

Irritating labeled as 'Indies next big thing' Foster the People have grown from a few song circulating the internet to adverts, radio and festival slots. Their debut Torches begins with Helena Beat a dancy electronic engulfed song, it sounds promising but the chorus vocals make it sound rather messy. Next comes Pumped Up Kicks which is the lead single on the album, they manage to create a brilliant sound when moving from verse to chorus. The lyrics aren't exactly poetic genius anywhere throughout the album however they never really stoop to the 'Swagger Jagger' level and to be honest, in a feel good summer album you don't exactly want your perspectives on the universe mind fucked out of recognition. The album continues without huge amounts of variations in sound but enough to stop it from sounding same-y. Colour on the Walls (Don't Stop) seems perfect for singing along at festivals even though Marcus Fosters vocals sound a tad winy in the chorus. Waste is possibly the best song musically on the album but also the worst lyrically "I'll help you see it through cos I just really wanna be with you" sounds like it was pulled from a Justin Bieber album. Houdini is deservedly the best on the album with a big sound that never sounds messy or simple but retains a great depth in the sound. Overall its not mind blowing stuff lyrically but its undoubtedly perfect for the summer which has to make you think if this band can only make summer songs but that review will have to wait for their next album.

Score: 7.5/10
Song to buy: Houdini
For fans of: MGMT, Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club


  1. Would be nice if you post some youtubes in future music reviews

  2. I love indie, I'll definitely check this out!